Clinton Wong, The BOSS

Starting the business in 1998 as a retail outlet, Clinton has expanded the company focus to follow his passion for building and creating new things. Garnering much experience along a broad career arc spanning from multi-family residential to professional audio-visual, and back to specialty exhibit fabrication, Clinton brings a wide perspective of experience to every project bringing ideas to reality.

Paul Oster, The DETAILS

Paul is the lead arm of our field operations.  He brings a special area of expertise to our diverse range of talents coming from the environmental management field.   Paul also has a history with multi-family construction and property management which adds to his skills with presenting technical know-how to customer facing situations.

Jessie Kirton, The BUILDER

Bringing the artistic touch to our team, Jessie creates beautiful and innovative blended media projects to life.  With a diverse range of fabrication skills including metal, wood, glass and plastics, Jessie’s skills rival that of any of the finest craftsmen in the industry today.

Dustin MacDougall, The POWER

With a cheerful smile, Dustin is the guy who gets it done.  Featuring exemplary skills with logistics and materials handling, Dustin helps get things moving; literally.  Not to be outdone, he brings his creative side to the job as well by creating practical solutions for ever situation.

Kacy Sloan, The ORGANIZER

Our newest member of the team, Kacy is responsible for our office management and keeping thing running smoothly.  No stranger to getting her hands dirty, Kacy spends part of her time in our shop handling the necessities that keep our team working efficiently.


At Mekanix, we occasionally draw from our talented pool of dedicated contractors to assist us with our labour requirements.

Hekmet (Mat) Sadegpour, The PLANNER

Brings a wide breadth of experience and expertise to our construction and renovation based projects.  Having spent many years working on residential and commercial projects, Mat has been focused on delivering top quality workmanship and results in everything that he does.